Accepting Your Past

Accepting your past the part of you that’s in denial, and masking it with the idyllic family Life. You will keep reliving the trauma of your past experiences through suffering, once the pain is accepted the suffering will stop straight away.
Accepting your past, you will realise how strong you are. You need to accept you hate yourself, before you can accept your past.
Accepting your past is accepting the Truth, then you can create your own experiences.
Denying your past is a painful process, accepting your past can take several years.
Accepting your past is something you need to do on your own and with others.
Self Clearing is how you accept your past, energetically by Letting Go (Self Dialogue)
Releasing Pain through the body emotional baggage. (Psychosomatic Disorder)
Moving Forward-What are you going to Create…..
Accepting Your Past-Self Acceptance..


~ by Melinda Johnson on January 19, 2014.

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